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Dalmation on a Lead
Item Details
Dalmation on a Lead
Dalmation on a Lead


Poochie Pals Dalmatian Soft Toy On Stiff Lead. A perfect little friend for any dog lover. Soft Toy dalmation, can come of his lead for cuddles. Then, when its time for walkies, just pop his collar back on! Approx 1m long. Suit child from 3 to 10 years
8 In Stock.
Age 3 to 10 Yrs
Dalmation on a Lead

We at Little Imps think it's more than just marbles and wooden toys that make a traditional toy shop (Although those things are important!). What it's really about for us is great toys that offer real play value. Everyone agrees that the old toys are the best, afterall they have stood the test of time, but that does not mean that a new toy invented just yesterday is out of place next to something that has been around since our Grandparents times.


This means that in our toyshop you will find traditional games, like Jacks or Pick up Sticks right alongside modern games like Ingenius or The Hobbit. You will also find stylish and classic baby gifts sitting on the shelf with funky modern baby teethers. This theme of old and new runs right through the toy shop, we do sell british made wooden swords and shields, we know they are great toys, but we also sell plastic Nerf and Radio controlled hexbugs. We try to strike a balance between wooden and plastic toys, modern and classic toys.

The key ingredient for us and our toy shop, is the toy has to be good one - offering real play value for old and young to enjoy alike. Our dedication to finding and selling the best toys we can, should mean that you can rely on making a good purchase - whatever takes your fancy. We are happy to take any feedback or reviews of our toys and shop that you may have. If you would like to learn more about the range of toys we offer and our ongoing commitment to re- invent the traditional toy shop then feel free to sign up to our free newsletter.

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